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 A paymaster is someone appointed by a group of buyers, sellers, investors, or financiers to receive, hold and distribute funds, commissions, fees, salaries or other business proceeds, loans or sales within the private or public sector. 


We have been operating as a payer since 1986 and are organized to provide this service to our customers worldwide.

The primary purpose of a payer is to receive escrow commissions from buyers in a significant transaction and pay them to sellers and brokers on the transaction. 

When it comes to commission payments on contracts involving large amounts of money (such as oil, gas, steel, iron ore, gold, MTN, VG, T-Strip and other instruments), most banks in the world are very cautious in managing such large amounts of money. Additionally, most buyers and sellers of such transactions want to entrust the funds to a neutral third party for disbursement. In most cases, the buyer and seller involved in the transaction require that a payer be appointed to handle all incoming and outgoing funds.

A payer is a neutral third party who does not know any transaction details. They manage the incoming fees and then disburse the funds accordingly. In exchange for their services, the payer charges a small fee, which is paid directly to the commission revenue before disbursement.

We offer project financing that lets the customer have the service cost-free after 12 months. After 24 months, we create performances for our customers that pay for Paymaster's services and make them earn, regardless of their business.

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